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Johnny Storm

Alias Edit

Johnny Parker

Powers Edit

Can engulf his body with a flame that he can control and manipulate without burning his body ("Flame On"), Flight

First Appearance Edit

Ultimate Fantastic Four #1

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Ultimatum Edit

Post-Ultimatum Edit

Throughout the first story arc of Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man (the continuation of Ultimate Spider-Man), Johnny Storn appears at Peter Parker's door and passes out in his arms. When he wakes up he informs Aunt May that he does not wish to return to the Baxter Building, since his father had died and the Fantastic Four had broken up. Aunt May decides to let him live with her, Peter and Gwen (later also adding Bobby Drake to the household as well). Sue, Johnny's sister aka the Invisible Woman, pays the Parker home a visit to wish Johnny the best and thanks Peter for being a friend to Johnny. As to not raise suspicion and to not reveal Peters' secret identity, Aunt May comes up with the idea of coloring Johnny's hair black and changing his name to Johnny Parker, Peters cousin. She then enrolls him and Bobby at Midtown High along with Peter and Gwen. The school is then attacked by a Spider-Slayer, created by Mysterio, to hunt down Spider-Man. Johnny runs away from the school before "Flaming On", as to not reveal his new secret identity, then returns to aid Peter in the fight, only to discover that the Shroud has already taken care of it. Johnny decides to melt the remains of the Spider-Slayer anyway.