Real Name Edit

Kitty Pryde

Alias Edit

The Shroud


Powers Edit

Can Phase Through Walls and Objects (rendering mechanical devices useless), Can Condense molecules so dense that she gains heightened strength and becomes impenetrable

First Appearance Edit

Ultimate X-Men #21

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 (as The Shroud)

Ultimate Spiderman Annual #1

Ultimate Spiderman #106

Pre-Ultimatum Edit

Ultimatum Edit

Kitty is on a train along with Peter and the rest of her friends, heading to the city for a day of fun, when the Ultimatum wave hits. She manages to get herself and the others off the train using her powers, while Peter swings to the flooded part of New York to save as many people as he can. After waiting around in suspense Kitty and MJ get in an argument fueled by grief and fear. When the anger subsides, Kitty decides to go find Peter and help him. She arrives in the city just as a giant purple mushroom cloud appears. Fearing that Peter may have been near the explosion she investigates, only to run into Spider-Woman, Peters' clone. Spider-Woman, overjoyed to see that Kitty is alive and well, attempts to hug her. But Kitty shrugs her off uncomfortably. The two join together in the search for Peter, but eventually only come across his torn mask among the rubble. Kitty returns to Aunt May's house, where MJ and the rest are waiting with Aunt May and MJ's mother, and regretfully presents Aunt May with the mask.


Post-Ultimatum Edit

Since using mutant powers is now illegal, Kitty is banned from using them at school. She is allowed to continue attending Midtown High as long as she does not manifest her powers in any way. To get around this, she dawns a new costume which hides her identity and goes by the alias of The Shroud, with which she displays some of her established abilities as well as some new tricks that she has learned since Ultimatum, including heightened strength. To hide her identity she speaks in a false voice, which is said to sound either like a man impersonating a woman or a woman impersonating a man. She has stopped a robbery, saved MJ from muggers, disabled Mysterio before he unmasked Spider-Man in public, and disabled one of Mysterio's Spider-Slayers as it was attacking Midtown High. To date, no one knows of her new secret identity.